Friday, March 21, 2014

Guest and Giveaway: Fashion Trends for Spring 2014!

The following is a guest post from Abigail at Abulous Fashion
 A lot of the winter trends are also spring trends, so here is whats new!
Colors~ scarlet ,neon,  mint, purple, hunter green, bright white, orange, and yellow.
Combos~ socks with heels, light and dark denim, black and white, pleats,(red, black, and snakeskin) and  frayed denim,  

Trends~ watercolor, crop tops, minimalist, mesh, realistic florals, surfer shorts, varsity jackets, tulle skirts, bucket bag and gingham.
Eyewear~ Round sunglasses and Beige sunglasses
Shoes~ kitten heels, gladiator sandals, sporty sandals, mules, platforms, and funky heels.

Abigail is a high school senior who loves coffee, fashion, and old movies. She's left- handed, and is a sucker for leopard print and cute shoes. She writes about life and fashion over at Abulous Fashion. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin, or Pinterest.

To help you start spring and all it's accessories,  I'm pleased to say Abigail is giving away this cute pink&brown earring tree and $5 Charming Charlie gift card!! Contest ends next Thursday.

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